New Zealand

Food Composition Database

Position your product with customers

Individual product data can be included in the NZFCD – if you are thinking of making a content or low level health claim for your product and promoting the product on this basis, then having the data in an internationally recognised independent database such as the NZFCD may help underpin your promotional activities and secure a point of difference for your product.

To meet international standards for food composition databases, data in the NZFCD are derived by analysis from accredited laboratories in New Zealand and Australia using recognised protocols: in order for the product to be in the database, a complete set of nutrient profiles is needed, not just the nutrient of interest. In addition to anyone you might directly refer to the website there are currently on average 3500 unique page views per month. If you would like to discuss the inclusion of your product nutritional information in this website through the NZFCD products please contact us at: